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Together Through Sound 

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Together Through Sound invites the local community to help paint a picture of lock down by recording its experiences through sound. 

We can’t bring the community together in person at the moment so this project aims to create a platform to share a collective community voice! Using a collection of sound recordings we will celebrate the history, heritage and culture of the area and it’s natural environment. 

We are collecting sounds of local woodlands, walks, streets, stories, critters and conversation that we will bring together to create a captivating portrait of the local area. We want to give residents the chance to slow down and listen to the people and places that surround them, as well as to tell their own stories to the world.   

We invite residents to take us on a journey of their local area by recording a couple of minutes each of the sounds that, to them, are the ‘the sounds of home’.

These recordings can then be contributed to our online sound library. 

The sound library will become an open resource for listening and creative projects. We will commission a local artist to use this sound library to create a stunning and intimate audio portrait of Melbourne and the surrounding area. This audio portrait will be installed at listening points on a trail around Melbourne and will be accompanied by a map that will act as a guide for anyone joining the trail. 

Together Through Sound is the first installment of The Making Way - A series of public projects coming to Melbourne and the surrounding area in 2020 - 21, hosted by Arts Melbourne, alongside Melbourne Arts Festival. 




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Together Through Sound 2020





The Making Way project launched in 2020. It aims to celebrate the rich history and heritage of the East Midlands through supporting original creative projects and practices. 

We are currently creating new commission opportunities for local creative professionals to lead a series of guided tours, performances and interventions, inspired by the pioneering travel agent Thomas Cook, taking place in and around Melbourne, Derbyshire- the place of his birth. 


Each tour will invite the community to explore the local history and environment, will be open to the public, free to attend, accessible and (whenever possible) accompanied by a workshop designed and led by local arts practitioners.  

Taking place before and during the Melbourne Arts Festival this project aims to celebrate the history, culture, heritage and landscape of the area. The Making Way aims to find and support new ways of coming together and create a platform to share a collective community voice!

The Tours and Workshops will encourage open and supportive group environments and create the chance for participants to share their stories and to collectively re-imagine the places in which we live. 


The Making Way - A series of public projects coming to Melbourne starting 2020. Hosted by Arts Melbourne, alongside Melbourne Arts Festival. ‘Together Through Sound’ is the first in the series of public projects. 

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Woman Alone in Forest


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