Voice Record Pro



Get the App

Voice Record Pro is available for Apple or Android devices.

It is free to download and use.

The app gives the option of paying to remove ads, but this is entirely optional and it will not affect the operation of the app if not chosen. 

Google app Store
Apple app Store

Installing the App

1. Search 'Voice Record Pro' in your app store

Find the app in the store. Click install and follow the download procedure as normal. 

2. Allow app to save files on your device

Granting permission when prompted allows the app to save files on your device. 

3. Let the app access the microphone

Granting the app permission to access the microphone means you can start recording!


Making your recording

1. Configure audio settings

Press the red Record button to see the Record

File Settings.


Click “Advanced”

Apply these settings:

  • Record Format: WAV (PCM)

  • Sample Rate: 44,100 Hz

  • Channels: Mono or Stereo

Once these settings are used, they will be saved as the default, so you only have to do this once. 


2. Charge and prepare your device!

Make sure your phone has enough battery and notifications are turned off.

You don't want the phone dinging or vibrating during your recording! 

You can turn on 'flight mode' to turn off all bluetooth, wifi and network connections- but remember to turn them back on when you have finished!


3. Record!

Press the red button to start your recording.​

Experiment with how close to hold the microphone- about 3 to 6 inches away from the mouth of the person speaking usually works in most environments.

When you have finished, press the blue and white square Stop button to end recording. 

Now you can turn flight mode off.

Gravel Road into the Forest
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together through sound

invites the local community to help paint a picture of lock down by recording its experiences through sound.

We can’t bring the community together in person at the moment so this project aims to create a platform to share a collective community voice! Using a collection of sound recordings we will celebrate the history, heritage and culture of the area and it’s natural environment.