Would you like to...

Share your experience of lock down? 

Join your neighbors to create a portrait of your local area?

Share your voice?

Tell Us... 

What has changed for you during lock down? 

Are there any positives to come out of this situation? 

How have you dealt with lockdown?

What will you do differently after lockdown? 

What are you looking forward to when lockdown is over? 

What changes have you noticed in the nature around you?

People of Melbourne and the surrounding area! Visitors, Family and Friends, we can’t meet with you in person at the moment so we would like to invite you to join us in a different way. 

We are gathering a collection of sounds from the local area, and we need your help!


We would like you to take us on a journey around your village and capture your  experiences of lock down by recording a couple of minutes of sound. It can be anything that to you are ‘the sounds of home’. 

We would like to hear snippets of your woodland walks, sounds of the street, stories of personal and local histories, critters and conversation that we can bring together to create a captivating portrait of the local area during this unusual time. You can tell us a little about your life, your family history or even just about your day!

We invite you to contribute these recordings to our online sound library. This will become an open resource for listening and creative projects. We will invite a local artist to work with the sound library that you help us to make, to create a stunning and intimate audio portrait of Melbourne and the surrounding area. 

The audio portrait will be installed at listening points on a trail around Melbourne village over the month of September 2020 ( the time when the annual Melbourne Arts Festival would usually have taken place ) and will be accompanied by a map that will act as a guide for anyone joining the trail. 

So please take a walk, enjoy conversations, dig into your local history and share with us and your community to help us to create an audio portrait of your village in 2020! 

( All submissions will remain anonymous ! ) 

Scroll down to find out how you can submit your response and you can follow this link for more detailed Instructions.. 

The Flock

together through sound 


Follow these 3 steps to create & contribute your sound